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Shaolin Kungfu, Chi Kung and Zen are the three treasures of the Shaolin tradition.
Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit


Course name Course date Course type
The Glory of Shaolin Kungfu Jan 22nd to 26th 2018 Kungfu
Breathing Methods in Shaolin Chi Kung Jan 27th 2018 Chi Kung / Qigong
Meditation in Shaolin Zen Jan 28th 2018 Zen

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In my opinion, shared by many other people, Shaolin Kungfu represents the pinnacle of martial art development. Indeed, as early as the Tang Dynasty in China more than a thousand years ago, the saying “Shaolin Kungfu is the foremost martial art beneath heaven" was already popular.
Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit

kungfu tiger clawConducted by the fourth generation Shaolin Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit, this special course is a true gift to dedicated Shaolin students. It is a great opportunity to specialize in not one, but five different legendary kungfu arts.

At the Glory of Shaolin Kungfu -course, each participant will be transmitted the essence of all of the following arts:

Grandmaster Wong will not only share the full combat methodology distilled in these great sets, but also their internal training methods for health, internal force and spiritual cultivation.

This course is an event not to be missed!


The Five arts of the Glory of Shaolin Kungfu -course

kungfu dragonShaolin Dragon Form

The dragon is the most majestic of the Shaolin “five animals”, and in kungfu it is noted for the training of “shen” or mind. The Dragon-Form Set is from Northern Shaolin. Its form is quite simple, but it is extremely effective for combat as well as internal training.

A special feature of the set is the swerving movement of a Dragon, such as is seen in the pattern "Dragon Manifests Miraculous Majesty”, expressing the majesty and the tremendous internal force of the dragon.

kungfu shaolin flower set ng muiThe Shaolin Flower Set

The Shaolin Flower Set was the specialty of two of the five Shaolin Elders, namely Ng Mui (Wu Mei in Mandarin pronunciation) and Miew Hein, and also such legendary fighters as Foong Sai Yoke and Yim Wing Choon.

Two special features of the Flower Set are the "flower hand" and the "organ-seeking kick". Another special feature of the Flower Set, which many practitioners themselves may not know, but which Ng Mui was an expert in, is Dim Mark or dotting vital points. The internal force method in the Flower Set, especially using "Double Worshipping of the Buddha" is simply amazing.

Shaolin Monkey Set

kungfu monkeyThe Monkey Set has special significance in the Grandmaster Wong’s lineage since his master, Sifu Ho Fatt Nam, was a very skillful Monkey specialist. The set starts with cheekiness and completes with majesty, symbolizing the spiritual path of the Monkey God, the Great Sage Equal to Heaven

The Monkey is known for its agility, playfulness and trickery. The set is full of tricks; even the apparently simple movement of rolling out at the start of the set has many hidden surprises. When fighting a monkey kungfu exponent, you may think it is safe to move in after avoiding a trick, but you are likely to fall into a trap.

kungfu tiger craneShaolin Tiger Crane

The “Tiger-Crane Double-Form Set” is a treasure of Shaolin Hoong Ka (Hung Gar) Kungfu. It was a speciality of the great Hoong Ka master Wong Fei Hoong, who was famous throughout the martial art circles of South China for using the Tiger Claws and the No-Shadow Kicks derived from this set.

There are many existing versions of the Tiger-Crane set, but the one to be taught at the Winter Camp 2018 is a rarely seen 72-Pattern Tiger-Crane Set exclusively taught in Choe Family Wing Choon Kungfu passed down by the famous Shaolin nun, Ng Mui.

kungfu xingyiquan 2Xingyiquan

Xingyiquan is regarded as kungfu for generals. The fundamental techniques of Xingyiquan are the five elemental fists, which are pi-quan or thrust palm, zuan-quan or spiral fist, beng-quan or crushing fist, pao-quan or cannon fist, and heng-quan or horizontal chop.

The combat application of Xingyiquan is marvelous. Its strategy is bafflingly simple - you just use one technique in a sequence to press into your opponent relentlessly. After having learned the necessary skills and applications of Xingyiquan, and have practiced it well, it is an excellent fighting method against any and all martial arts.

Please note
The Glory of Shaolin Kungfu -course will demand special preparation from all participants. All those attending are expected to learn to the best of their ability all of the five sets beforehand - at the course the emphasis will be in application, skills and the essence of these arts, not set practice.

For more information regarding course preparation, please refer to the relevant thread at the Shaolin Wahnam Institute Virtual Kwoon.


Generally speaking, breathing means taking in air and giving our air. In the chi kung context, breathing is an exchange of energy, not air.

Chi kung uses the best methods of breathing for various purposes, We shall learn these methods at the course, and also to use breathing to generate an energy flow, which represents the essence of chi kung.
Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit

chi kung breathingIn virtually every genuine traditional energy art, breathing is used as one of the most important and useful tools for managing energy. Thus, it comes as no surprise that Shaolin Chi Kung is exceedingly rich in various different breathing methods. However, while arts like Abdominal Breathing and Cosmic Breathing are commonly mentioned and taught, there is still a wealth of wonderful and beneficial breathing methods in Shaolin that are rarely taught formally.

The aim for the Breathing Methods in Shaolin Chi Kung -course is to offer participants the skills and methods for utilizing and benefiting from various modes of breathing in chi kung, and to also pass these great arts to posterity. It will be an excellent choice for anyone wishing to deepen their skills and understanding in the art of chi kung, and to get the best benefits from their daily practice.


Zen makes us alive for this very moment. If you are fully aware of what you are doing when you perform a kungfu set or a chi kung exercise, if you can fully appreciate the beauty of nature or your daily chores when you hold a flower or sweep the floor, you are practising Zen.
Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit

zen meditationIn essence, all Zen is meditation.

At the 2018 Winter Camp we have the incredible opportunity to learn personally from a living Shaolin Zen master. Therefore, what would be more fitting than to focus directly into the most crucial part of Zen training, ie. the training of the mind?

Since our mind is instrumental in each and every moment of our lives, it is not only a reasonable, but also a practical claim to say that practicing Zen enables us to attain better results in whatever we do! However, this is only the very start of the great benefits of genuine high-level Zen training.

Meditation in Shaolin Zen -course will provide a comprehensive overview into genuine Shaolin Zen meditation practice as taught by the great past masters, an effective way for deepening the internal training in all of our Shaolin arts, as well as a fantastic conclusion the 2018 Shaolin Winter Camp!


Individual course prices

Course Price (euros)
The Glory of Shaolin Kungfu 1000 €
Breathing Methods in Shaolin Chi Kung 700 €
Meditation in Shaolin Zen 700 €

Course discounts

We offer significant discounts for participants who attend to multiple courses:

Courses Discounted price
Breathing Methods in Shaolin Chi Kung + Meditation in Shaolin Zen 1000 €
Kungfu course + 1 (either chi kung or zen -course) 1250 €
All courses 1500 €


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