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We are excited to host the Winter Camp in the beautiful and exotic Finnish Lapland. If you have never visited Finland during winter, we recommend taking the opportunity!

The Finnish Lapland is quite different from northern Sweden or Norway (Finnish Lapland borders Sweden, Norway, Russia and the Baltic Sea). There are no mountains such as in neighbouring countries, but vast arctic hills with reindeers and other arctic animals.

lappi lapland 1Here during this time of the year, you also have a very good chance to witness Aurora Borealis, the majestic Northern Lights!

This Winter Camp is held in Inari, a small town high above the arctic circle, which is Finland’s northernmost holiday resort.

Inari is easiest to reach by air via the airport of Ivalo, located about 40 kilometers from Inari.

Please contact us if you have any questions, or need any help with your travelling arrangements


lodgings vasatokka cabinsVasatokka

The course venue is Holiday Centre Vasatokka, which is located reasonably close to the town of Inari.

Vasatokka is a resort with hostel-rate accommodations for those who wish to experience the true arctic nature with very affordable prices.


lodgings hotel inariHotel Inari

We can also help participants secure lodgings at Hotel Inari, which offers a great options for participants who prefer a level comfort and luxury for their travels.


Handling accommodation bookings through us is strongly recommended - both Vasatokka and Hotel Inari offers discounts for event participant accommodations booked by course organizers


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